Absinthe Cocktail

Absinthe Cocktails.

Absinthe Cocktails.

Absinthe Cocktail

1/2 Absinthe (1 1/2 oz Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles)
1/2 Water (1 1/2 oz Water)
1 dash Syrup (Rich Simple Syrup)
1 dash Angostura Bitters

Absinthe (Special) Cocktail

2/3 Absinthe (1 oz Absinthe Verte de Fougerolles)
1/6 Gin (1/4 oz Beefeater Gin)
1/6 Syrup of Anisette or Gomme Syrup (barspoon Rich Simple Syrup)
1 dash Orange Bitters
1 dash Angostura Bitters

Instructions for both are, “Shake Well and Strain into a Cocktail Glass”.

The Special is on the left.

I put off buying actual Absinthe for the longest time. But, once I tried making these cocktails with Pastis or Herbsaint, I realized it just wasn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, at the time I received a bonus at work for my, “exceptional commitment to customer service,” so I didn’t feel completely ridiculous spending the money on getting it shipped from England. Highly recommend Liqueurs de France if you are in the market for Absinthe. Great customer service and fast shipping.

For whatever reason, I preferred the plain Absinthe Cocktail. The Absinthe (Special) was a little rich for me.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

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  1. Uh, oops!

    I was thinking of dropping you a note this weekend; but, I haven’t really posted anything new or exciting just yet.

    As soon as I can figure out how to properly video the louche forming in an Absinthe Drip Cocktail, I will have a post with some actual new writing.

    Though, I should ask you about hosting and the pros and cons of WordPress some time.

  2. Cameron’s the man to ask about hosting AND wordpress. Although I will say that migrating from Blogger to WP was reasonably simple, and WP is much, much more flexible. I keep our remodeling blog on Blogger, mostly out of laziness, but also because it really is just a diary with photos. The food blog needed features that blogger lacked, at least at the time we migrated.

    Feel free to pick our brains about any of this stuff. After almost a year of this, on 2 platforms, we’ve got a lot of data. :D

  3. What she said.

    I used Blogger for the first year, and it was okay, but the madness of dealing with the archives was what did it for me. WP does have a bit more of a learning curve, but the customizing options are endless. Plus, I feel more secure hosting the site myself — true, I have to pay for it, but I like to have the control that you don’t get from a blogspot site.

  4. I’ve set up WordPress a couple times over the years, and didn’t find the process too bad.

    I do pay for web hosting, so I really probably should just bite the bullet and set it up again.

    I wish I hadn’t lost the content from the time it crashed when I first set it up, though. Makes me a little skittish.

  5. Where did you get your charming champagne saucers? My partner is obsessed with them, and they are super hard to find. We got a set of six basic ones from Crate & Barrel a few years ago, and only 4 remain … and now they don’t sell them anymore. Grr.

  6. Sean, eBay, sadly, is the answer, and the only good source I know of. Thanks, though, I really lucked out with that deal. They’re the perfect size for 3-4 oz cocktails.

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