I resisted blogging about the new Wilco recording for a couple months. Figuring cocktail or food people might not want to hear about music. But, well, I give up.

Aside from cocktails, food, and gardening, the other “vice” in the Underhill Lounge family is music.

One of the first things my wife and I bonded over was music.

After our first date, I gave her a free jazz CD I absolutely knew she had to hear (Cecil Taylor, “Live in Bologna”) and on my birthday she gave me a CD with a candle on it.

It has been downhill from there.

I suspect when we first moved to California and discovered Amoeba Music we may have spent more money on records there, than on food.

Lately, I’ve gotten out of the jazz mode and more into popular music. My wife has been absolutely instrumental in helping me form my tastes in popular music, introducing me to more amazing artists than I can really keep track of.

One of those artists was Wilco, and their excellent album, “Sky Blue Sky” has been my soundtrack for the last couple months. I actually suspect Mrs. Underhill was starting to get a bit tired of the CD, as it would be on every time she came home from work and she would sigh and say, “Oh, Wilco, again?”

So it is with excitement that I announce my new favorite recording, perhaps not coincidentally, the latest music gift from my wife, “Grinderman” by Grinderman.

It seems a new more group oriented personality for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds came out of making their last record, so they decided to commemorate this by releasing Grinderman, and, frankly, my friends, it rocks.

Now, I’ve been listening to Nick Cave for a long time. I think “The Firstborn Is Dead” may have been the first time he caught my ear, forcing me to go back and listen to those amazing Birthday Party recordings, and then hang with him up through his recent chamber rock escapades.

The new CD is a hilarious garage band style jaunt through jaded excess, accompanied by distorted guitars, catchy bass lines, and punchy rhythms. From “Get it On” all the way to “Love Bomb”, Grinderman will have you tapping your toes, laughing out loud, and singing along with their vulgar enthusiasms.