Mac and Cheese

Jennifer’s Mac and Cheese over at Last Night’s Dinner looked so good, that’s what I had to have for dinner.

Instead of bacon, I went with Chanterelle Mushrooms from Far West Fungi.

Well, that is a closeup, isn’t it! Well, at least it is in focus! Beggars can’t be choosers.

I’d post a recipe, except mine is pretty much the same as the one Jennifer posted earlier this year. If you want me to put it up, please post a comment.

4 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese

  1. That mac & cheese must’ve launchd a thousand ships. :) Glad to hear there’s another Jennifer fan in the ‘hood.

  2. Well, I definitely have some differences with her recipe.

    I use half milk and half chicken stock. I only use two tablespoons each of butter and enough flour to make a stiff roux. I add a bit of nutmeg and cayenne to my cheese sauce. I sauté the mushrooms with 1/2 onion, fresh thyme, deglaze with wine or vermouth, then combine with the cheese sauce, and mix with the pasta. Sometimes, if I’m feeling nostalgic for my Mom’s casseroles, I’ll add frozen peas.

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