BOTW– Port Brewing Hop 15 Ale

Port Brewing first brewed their Hop 15 in 2002 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Pizza Port Brewing, Hop 15 is a Double IPA.

The India Pale Ale style allegedly dates to the time of the British Empire’s period in India. They discovered their traditional English Style Ales did not travel well to hot climates, so they boosted the amount of hops in the beer. Part of hops function in beer, aside from flavor is as a preservative, so increasing the amount in the beer supposedly made it keep better on the voyage to India.

I think part of the other appeal of India Pale Ales is that they are usually lighter than traditional English Ale. In the heat and humidity of India, I just don’t think traditional English Ale, with its heavy body was as appealing as it had been back home.

Double IPAs, as far as I know, are an American invention. Usually, the brewer uses at least twice as much hops in the beer. To balance the bitterness of the increased hops, they usually also increase the malt levels and thus the sweetness of the beer.

According to the Hop 15 label, Port Brewing uses 15 different types of hops in their Hop 15 Ale. To continue the 15 connection, they added these hops to the boil every 15 minutes.

Coming in at 10% Alcohol by volume, this is a serious beer. Still, it is very well balanced, considering the alcohol and extreme hoppiness. Citrus and pine dominate the smell and the initial taste. Good body and some nice fruit character in the middle tastes. Definitely worth seeking out, if, like me, you are a hop head.