Some Things Get Better With Age

I was hoping this would be the Beer of the week post. Unfortunately, this stout didn’t do much for me. A bit thin, with the coffee flavor really only present as an aftertaste.

Believe it or not, I’ve really had this wok since 1985. Asian IGA on Park Street in Madison, Wisconsin. And, yes, it does seem to get better with age.

Minced seasonings.

Cornstarch dissolved in water.

Marinating chicken.



Cooked Chicken.

Stir fried chicken with cashews and spinach.

3 thoughts on “Some Things Get Better With Age

  1. If you look carefully, it’s an Ale not a Stout. If your taste buds were expecting Stout and got Ale, I’ll bet it seemed watery! :)

  2. Hmmm… Well it is fully called “Cappuccino Stout Ale: Ale Brewed with Coffee”.

    “Stout Ale”? Beer Advocate lumps it in the “American Stout” style.

    But, hey, now that I look, many folks on Beer Advocate also think it is a bit watery.

  3. It’s definitely not Lagunitas’s best styling, that’s for sure. I thought it was thin as well. The Imperial Red they have out now is to die for, though.

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