BOTW — Stewart’s Root Beer

For some reason the taqueria where we typically get Tuesday night dinner (Taco Tuesday!) never seems to have the non-diet version of Root Beer. Tonight, for the first time in the 5 years we’ve been going there, they finally had it. Woo!

Anyway, it’s appropriate, as I’m skipping the booze for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I was a bit disappointed to see that while Stewart’s does use natural cane sugar as a sweetener, they still use “natural and artificial flavors”.

It’s a pretty good Root Beer all the same. Could be a bit spicier for me. Still, not as syrupy as some. Carbonation a bit harsher than I’m used to. But, then, I almost never drink carbonated beverages other than beer.

The usual Papalote dinner for me. Chile Verde burrito with pinto beans and guacamole. Of special note is their delicious salsa. It is made with roasted tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and, I believe, Chile d’Arbol. Spicylicious.