BOTW — Wychcraft

So, I suppose this post should have gone up around Halloween, instead of Thanksgiving!

I belong to a beer club, and we get around $15 worth of beer a month, whether it is 2 six packs, a few bombers, or a couple Belgians. I enjoy it, as we get to try beers we wouldn’t normally buy, even if there are a few clinkers now and then.

They sent us home with Wychcraft from the Wychwood brewery in October. It is an English IPA.

I was surprised by how light it was in body, almost lager-ish. Not a sweet beer at all. Also, nicely low alcohol, at 4.5%. Good change from all the heavy, holiday and winter warmer-type beers we’ve been enjoying lately. A biscuitey malt flavor is the first thing I get, then strong Pilsner-like hops. Straw, hay and things like that come to mind. Very different from most American IPAs with their aggressive, complex hops and heavy bodies.

A bit on the simple side, this beer’s light body and low alcohol would make it an enjoyable hot weather session beer.

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  1. this sounds like a really good beer. the name and label design alone are enough to buy it. hey, nice theme.. i like… dig the people who sometimes write about cocktails too… well, thanks for the link eric : )

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