Fish Provencal-ish

One of my favorite fish preparations is baking it in a spicy tomato sauce with olives and capers.

Unfortunately, the only decent looking fish at our local market was Pollack, the world’s most tasteless fish. There’s a reason some Asian genius decided to use this as a base to create artificial crab.

Pre-heat your oven to 325 F.

Make a tasty tomato sauce. I actually kind of like leeks a bit better than the yellow onions I used here.

I like line a baking dish with sliced lemons, then place the fish on this.

Then top the fish with some herbs, in this case thyme, and salt and pepper. Cover the fish with the tomato sauce and put it in the oven.

“Wait, what are all these unusual stainless items which arrived at our front door,” sez Ms. Sweetpea?

Acting on a tip from DrinksCompanion I scored a set of 28 oz stainless tins and 18oz cheater tins from Not to mention a full set of stainless jiggers in varying sizes. Interesting posts will follow explaining, if you don’t feel like reading DrinksCompanion’s exegesis.

Linguini is one of my favorite dry pastas. I don’t exactly know why. Versatile?

Take the fish out of the sauce and plate, toss the pasta with the sauce.

Served it with some olive bread from Arizmendi Bakery.

It was only OK this time Again, Pollack is really a pretty boring fish. Probably fish balls or fake crab sticks is the thing to do with it, rather than just eating it. Halibut or Cod would be preferable. But, there you go, a fast and easy to make dinner for a weeknight.