BOTW–Dulle Teve

Dulle Teve Tripel is brewed by De Dolle Brouers in Esen, Belgium.

“Dulle Teve” apparently translates to, “Mad Bitch,” in English, and the two brewer brothers who run De Dolle claim it is named in honor of their hard working mother who greets visitors and leads tours at their tiny micro-brewery.

I’m not often a fan of Tripels, as they are often a bit too far to the sweet side.

I’ll make an exception here, as this exceedingly complex and delicious beer, while sweet, has a touch of sourness and finishes dry.

I had it with leftovers from the Provencal-ish Fish from the other night, and it went beautifully.

An amazing beer which I can easily put somewhere in my top 10 favorite Belgian brews.