Almond Cocktail

Almond Cocktail

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Slightly warm 2 Glasses of Gin (2 oz Beefeaters Gin). Add a teaspoonful of powdered sugar (1/2 tsp. Caster Sugar). Soak in this six peeled almonds (4 halved and lightly roasted almonds) and if possible a crushed peach kernel (crushed plum kernel), and allow to cool. When the mixture is cold add a dessertspoonful of Kirsch (1 tablespoon Trimbach Kirsch), one of Peach Brandy (1 tablespoon Massenez creme de peche), a glass of French Vermouth (1 oz Noilly Pratt) and 2 glasses of any sweet White Wine (2 oz Bonny Doon Riesling). Shake thoroughly with plenty of ice.

Patrick Gavin Duffy gives this the lascivious sounding alternate name, “A Young Girl’s Fancy,” in his “Mixer’s Manual”. For all the work, my wife and I both thought this an odd tasting cocktail. Nutty, peachy and slightly but not overly sweet. Not bad, just kind of odd.

I also had some pyro fun, lighting the gin and pouring a long burning stream over the almonds. Mrs. Underhill did not approve. Something about burning down the house.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

5 thoughts on “Almond Cocktail

  1. Well, the odd part is, since making the Almond cocktail, I’ve tackled the Blue Blazer, and Mrs. Underhill really enjoyed it.

    I’m not sure what makes pouring flaming whiskey between two scalding hot metal containers more acceptable than flaming gin, but on a couple occasions since the first try, she has been the one encouraging me to make them for guests.

  2. My wife just got me some enamelware tin cups for Christmas. She also got me “Imbibe!”, with the pic of Jerry Thomas performing the Blue Blazer on the cover.

    I had to point out to her that These (tin cups) are for This (Blue Blazer). She’s also left me alone for the week. So, be on the look out for Trader Tiki: Updates from the hospital!

  3. Ha!

    Well, just be careful of the floor. The first time I made the Blue Blazer, I did not spill. The second time, stupidly, I spilled a bit of burning whiskey on our kitchen floor, and it took the finish right off our tile. Kind of a pain to get it properly shiny again.

    Friends who know, recommend either a damp towel or a sheet pan filled with sand underneath the area where you will perform the blue blazer to absorb any potential spills. Also good to have a fire extinguisher handy.

    Remember those tins will be very hot when you are done. When I was doing this someone said, “Oh, that’s a blue flame, it’s not as hot, right?” Uh, no, it is very hot. Don’t touch the tins until they have cooled.

    The last bit of advice I have is: Stay sober until after you have performed the Blue Blazer.

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