Pot Roasted Packers

When we discovered that the Packers would be playing in the NFC championship, as good expatriate Wisconsinites, we, of course, had to stay home and watch.

Pot roast seemed like a fun idea. Football games take three or four hours to play themselves out, and so does a pot roast.

Pot roast reminds me of Sunday night dinners with my grandparents in Southwestern Wisconsin. It was one of those dishes you could count on. That and the boiled red potatoes.

Unfortunately, the Packers lost to the New York Giants.

The Pot roast, however, turned out pretty well.

Of course I doubt my grandmother would have used garlic or wine in hers and parsnips are probably a bit exotic, as vegetables go.

And there certainly wouldn’t have been a bottle of Greenwood Ridge Zinfandel to accompany the meal.

3 thoughts on “Pot Roasted Packers

  1. Well, at least dinner turned out well…

    The only possible upside of the Packers’ loss is that now we don’t have to feel bad when the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

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