BOTW–Pliny the Younger, 2008

Out with friends last night at Alembic Bar here in San Francisco, I was thrilled to see Russian River’s Pliny the Younger on tap.

Pliny the Younger is a triple IPA (India Pale Ale) Russian River only brews in limited amounts, once a year. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to try it.

Hopped three times more than their standard IPA, and dry hopped 4 times, you would expect this to be a hop bomb. Oddly, it seemed more well balanced and drinkable (Oops! 10% ABV!) than the Racer 5 I’d had earlier in the evening. Well, some in our party did think the Racer 5 might have been defective. In any case, Pliny the Younger is a wonderful example of the West Coast Style IPA. Grapefruit and pine out front in the scent, and a nice malty sweetness that isn’t cloying. A lot of hops, but well balanced with a bitterness that isn’t overbearing.

OK, it wasn’t really wise, per se, to down one of these babies at the end of a night of drinking. But, I did sleep very well last night. Definitely recommended, if you run across it on tap.