Not organized enough to be “Mise en Place.” Just lots of booze.

Carter Beats the Devil. Damn I love this drink.

Monte Carlo, strangely out of alphabetical order.

A rather girly Clover Club, if I do say so myself. Perhaps leaning towards the dreaded Pink Lady Land.

Ye Olde Corpse Reviver No. 2.

Creole Cocktail.

Dark and Stormy. A mistake to substitute Cruzan Black Strap for Goslings. Yuck.

Fillabuster. Boy I liked this one too.

Floradora Royal.

The Monarch.

Old Cuban. A modern classic.

Old-Fashioned. No matter what happens, I know I rock the old-fashioned whiskey cocktail.

Pegu Club.

Satan’s Soul Patch. Satan’s Whisker’s still just don’t do much for me.

Queen’s Park Swizzle. Oh, yes.

Sloe Gin Fizz.

Damn there are too many ingredients in the Singapore Sling.

Trailer Smash. Enjoyable Whiskey Smash variation.

Widow’s Kiss.

Should it be a warning sign when you can recreate a restaurant’s drink menu with the spirits in your home bar?

9 thoughts on “Homework

  1. My apologies for the Cruzan… I don’t like it either, but Cameron is steadfast in his love of that particular combo, so I felt compelled to include it. (After all, it’s not just *my* blog :) )

    What’s the homework for? Or were you just feeling in need of a drink or twenty?

    ps: we can ‘loan’ you some Goslings if you need…

  2. Should it be a “warning sign”?
    How about a “requirement”?
    Course, I suppose it depends on the restaurant….

    And seriously, what brought on all this? Binge, or party?

    (Nice looking Pegu, by the way. Why bother with anything else?)

  3. I am so, so thirsty now.

    Cruzan Black Strap puts the ass in molasses! I’ve tried to mix it in a few different ways, and nothing ever turns out very drinkable.

  4. I have actually wondered in the past if you could sub Cruzan Black Strap in a Dark & Stormy. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

    And I have to say that having the makings of a restaurants bar menu at home is not a warning sign. It is an economical alternative to eating out too much on the cusp of a recession.

  5. Humuhumu, I know of only two cocktails that work with the Blacstrap… one is the Corn N Oil, in which it is superior, and the other I can’t name but watch my site during the Tiki themed MXMO.

    Erik, gotta tell ya those pics are a little too close-up, started to feel a bit like porn : )…whooee though that Queens Park Swizzle looks great!!!

  6. Keith… Mostly I was just trying to bang out the cocktails quickly and get a picture without getting my camera too sticky. ;-)

    By the way, this is the recipe for carter beats the devil. It was created by Erik Adkins.

    carter beats the devil

    2 oz el tesoro reposado
    1 oz lime
    1/2 oz organic agave nectar (rainbow bulk)
    1/2 oz del maguey minero mescal
    20 drops (eye dropper) of chile tincture

    served up

    chile tincture: fill a jar with de-stemmed intact thai chilles and cover with wray & nephew overproof for two weeks.

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