Practical Exercise

The lovely Humuhumu and charming Trott were kind enough to drop by this evening to sample some cocktails tolerate my exercise in craziness.

By way of explanation, I’ll start the story.

When bartenders find out I’m the Savoy guy, the first thing they typically ask is, “Have you ever worked as a bartender?”

The answer is, no, I’ve never worked behind the bar.

I worked in food service for about 10 years, when I was younger, but never as a bartender. Strictly a back of house kind of guy. Dish washer, prep cook, line cook, kitchen manager, etc. Never a waiter or bartender.

These days I have a full time job, am nearing middle age, and am not really sure I want to start slogging away at night as a drink maker.

But a couple of my acquaintances in New York, let’s call them johnder and donbert, are full time tech workers like myself and, the over achieving bastards, are also working as bartenders a few nights a week.

So inevitably the question now comes up, when are you going to be like johnder and donbert?

4 thoughts on “Practical Exercise

  1. I often wonder if my apathy about office work means that I should take up bartending—however, I’m an old woman in spirit and the late hours really wouldn’t be amongst my favorite parts of the job. Then again, the hours I have now don’t really suit me so I don’t know what I’m bitching about.

  2. Anita, you just need to find an upscale white tablecloth place that closes at 9pm. Then you’ll be home by 10:30.

    Erik, This is so cool. You can come and get some practice with me anytime.

  3. This change in attitude has enabled some very skilled, professional bartenders to take pride in a job that was, for so long, looked down upon.Nice Posting ,so informative. Thanks

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