Crazylandia Seven

So in agreement that I would work the next Friday night, E. sent me the drink book and service document.

I’m kind of a student cocktail mixing and technique, so I didn’t have too much trouble with the service document. My only worry was that Erik the slightly mean, grumpy, and foul mouthed cook might show up when I got stressed. But haven’t really seen him around for a few years, so maybe I’m in a different place in my life these days. I tried not to worry too much.

Flower’s drink book, on the other hand worried me a bit.

A lot of them were classics and I probably had made more than 75% of them at some point or another. Still, to be expected to know exact recipes for all of them seemed like a lot. It was like 75 cocktails. So I sent a note to E. asking about it.

In the meantime, I copied them all down on 3×5 cards, and started trying to memorize them by reading out loud, and going through them over and over on my commute.

A few days later, E. replied and told me not to sweat the list too much. I’d probably mostly be making the drinks on the menu.

Carter Beats the Devil
Clover Club
Pegu Club
Corpse Reviver #2
Singapore Sling
Trailer Smash
Whiskey Cocktail
Dark and Stormy
Old Cuban
Floradora Royal
Sloe Gin Fizz
Queens Park Swizzle
Satan’s Soul Patch
Widows Kiss
Last Word

The amusing part being, that to make all 18 of these recipes I only needed to buy perishables, one bottle of slightly obscure rum, and a specific brand of a gin I didn’t currently have around.

Next mission: Make and try all 18 cocktails in one night.