Crazylandia Fourteen

The big difference between the first Friday and the second Friday at Flower was that Mrs. Underhill had been out of town the first week. The second week I was giving up a night at home with my wife.

When we sat down, E. asked, “So what’s next?” I’ll paraphrase E.: I’ve been watching you this evening and you could do this job. You’d have to work at least 2 shifts, probably Friday and Saturday. They want someone who will stick around. How long would you want to give up 2 weekend nights with your wife? How long would your wife put up with you missing 2 weekend nights?

Of course the answer to that one is, she wouldn’t. I mean, she has in the past, but she wouldn’t put up with it for me to be a part time bartender in addition to my other career.

If not here at Flower, you’ve got a full time job. What sort of shifts could you work, if you couldn’t start until 5 or 6. Typically those jobs would be from 6 PM until 2 AM. How would you handle working those hours and then going to your day job? I could recommend you to other bars and tell them you’re good and work really hard for free. But how much sense does that make?

So where does that leave us?

E. thought I should work a shift staging at Tilted Portal. That it would be fun for me to see what working in another restaurant would be like. Also maybe work another shift at Flower. Have some more friends and my wife come in for drinks and dinner.

That all sounded good to me. I finished my dinner, changed, said goodnight to the guys, and headed out to catch the BART back to San Francisco.

Much to mull over.