Will Work for Food

After Enrique the barback spontaneously hit me with the kudos, we had to explain the whole situation.

Tell him I actually have a job and a wife that probably wouldn’t be thrilled if I worked more than a couple nights at a bar. I was just checking it out. I think he thought I was truly crazy when he found out I was doing it without getting paid.

Sure, there is a tradition among restaurant jobs, where you “stage” to check out what it is like to work in a real kitchen. You work like a dog and they don’t pay you.

But bartending?

As I said before, this was about curiousity for me, more than anything else. Could I do the job?

It’s funny, though, a lot of my best friends are in bands or have other expensive hobbies. Belong to a gym or do triathlons.

They do these things because they find them enjoyable and satisfying, not because they expect to make any money at them.

I guess, at this point, I’m looking at my “volunteer” bartending in this light.

I’m pleased to find I’m good at it, enjoy it, and happy to have the experience.

Some people might think it is a bit crazy to work that hard for no money.

But those same people might pay $50 a month to a gym and get the same upper body workout I get shaking drinks and shoveling ice.

2 thoughts on “Will Work for Food

  1. Your whole endeavour and reactions are mirrored in my stint at Thatch – It’s really quite eerie (and keen in synchronicity). I have been feeling apprehensive, though, to practicing my hobby (that I don’t need to *have* to be paid) next to people who are earning a living. That’s just me though – no one has voiced those feelings to me.

  2. Lately I’ve been feeling like I am drowning in a sea of synchronicity.

    Someone’s been pouring out the proper amount of rum to the tiki gods. Or at least Carl Jung. Worst case, someone has been sleeping with Gordon Sumner. And I know it wasn’t me.

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