Latin Words and Other Metaphors

I had a good time with the guys at Flower on Friday, but I went into the weekend with a bit of a heavy feeling in my heart.

Two more times and that’s it.

All of E.’s arguments against me working at Flower made sense. Plus, it’s in Oakland, making the late night commute back to my neighborhood in SF a bit of a bear.

Except for the fact that, well, making drinks in an exciting setting with a good bunch of guys and getting actual feedback from other living beings is a lot more fun than doing it by yourself at home.

I mean, sure, onanism is great as part of a well balanced life. Or if that’s all you can get. Or if you don’t know any better. But if that’s all you do, it’s maybe a little pathetic.

Once you’ve done it with a beautiful wo/man like Flower, (and s/he is always beautiful your first time,) it seems a bit hollow to go back to scouring the internet for free pictures of drinks and then get all sticky in the kitchen making them by yourself.

3 thoughts on “Latin Words and Other Metaphors

  1. I’ve been loving these posts, and living vicariously though them to boot! I’ve only had one experience behind a bar, and it really doesn’t count as it was a charity event populated almost exclusively by people who were only interested in beers and shots. Still, I have to admit I found it quite rewarding, and the couple of times I got people who wanted cocktails I was thrilled to make them something they enjoyed even though I’m hundreds of years away from even thinking about being behind a bar for real.

    Have you thought about looking around here for a more workable shift? Weekend days or perhaps get your name on a fill-in list somewhere?

    On a side note, would it be safe to assume that your last two Flower shifts are this and next Friday? Just, you know, out of curiosity.

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