BOTW–Mirror Pond

What can I say, sometimes on a hot day it’s nice to sit on the back porch and have a good, relatively simple beer. Especially, if you’re maybe a bit hung over from the night before.

Mirror Pond is fairly generously hopped for a Pale Ale, with lots of malty goodness. I suppose perhaps most similar to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Well, excepting the fact that I like Mirror Pond and I don’t like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

To explain, this is just personal preference. I don’t think Sierra Nevada Pale is a bad beer.

It’s just when we first moved to California I drank an awful lot of it. After a year or two of Sierra Nevada Beer, I found that all their beers had some similar flavor somewhere in them. It just started to bug me. Nowadays I’ll drink Sierra if there’s nothing else, but much prefer something from Deschutes or Anchor Brewing.

2 thoughts on “BOTW–Mirror Pond

  1. I agree: the Sierra Nevada offerings all share a particular flavor. It isn’t a bad flavor, more akin to a signature. The yeast strain might be common across their pale, porter, and stout?
    It doesn’t bother me, I find it is what I’m expecting/craving when I drink one of their ales.
    I understand the palette fatigue, though. We completely over-drank Fat Tire one summer and it’s never been as good. And, not learning such lessons, did the same with Session a couple years later.

  2. I love Deschutes beers. In fact, when I moved from Oregon to SF, I drove the moving truck to the grocery store to buy a few cases of Deschutes Bachelor Bitter to take with me.

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