Calvados Cocktail

Calvados Cocktail

Calvados Cocktail (6 People)

2 Glasses Calvados (1 oz Germain-Robin Apple Brandy)
2 Glasses Orange Juice (1 oz Orange Juice)
1 Glass Cointreau (1/2 oz Cointreau)
1 Glass Orange Bitters (1/2 oz Aperol)

Add plenty of ice and shake carefully

Turned this into a single serving drink.

Two main puzzles here.

First, I would expect something called “Calvados Cocktail” to be a Calvados Cocktail. That is to say, Calvados, sugar, bitters, and a twist. What the orange juice is doing here, I don’t know.

Second, “1 Glass Orange Bitters”? The only thing I can think is they might mean an aperitif bitters like the Dutch Hoppe Orange Bitters. The closest thing I could think of was Aperol.

The flavors are there and interesting; but, as written above, it’s too sweet for me.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

5 thoughts on “Calvados Cocktail

  1. Maybe a more mild orange bitters, like Stirring’s Blood Orange Bitters? Those are so tame, one might be able to use them in such quantity.

  2. I wrote this one up on my blog about a year ago.

    I used Fees orange bitters and enjoyed it. I think that if the recipe had meant anything other than orange cocktail bitters it would have said so. There are a few recipes floating around that use Angostura in huge quantities (Angostura Fizz, the Alamagoozlum?, and so on). Why not do the same with orange?

    Anyway, Ted Haigh seems to reckon you want regular orange cocktail bitters here. Who’s to argue?

    I don’t think I’d use something spicy like Regans though.

  3. In revisiting this drink again tonight I decided to see which orange bitters I preferred, fees or angostura (regans to my taste is nearly devoid of orange flavor). Fees came out on top in a straight head to head but I then made a third drink using 1/2 oz fees 1/4 oz angostura orange and found this preferable.

    • A 50-50 Combination of Fee’s and Regan’s is popular, or was popular, at many New York bars.

      I like the Orange Bitters from Miracle Mile Bitters. We use The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters at South and other Erik Adkins managed bars.

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