BOTW–Double Duty

As I was remiss, and did not do a Beer of the Week last week, this week I’ll cover two beers.

In my opinion, one of the coolest things about the craft beer revolution, such that it was, is that in just about every US state you visit you can find a delicious and unique craft beer.

One of my favorite Midwestern beers is Bell Brewery’s Two Hearted Ale.  It is an IPA that is sort of half way between the extremely hoppy west coast IPAs and the mellower Pacific Northwest and East Coast IPAs.

Delicious!  Any trip to the Midwest would be a failure in my book, if I didn’t drink at least one bottle, or preferably, draft pint of Two Hearted Ale.

In San Francisco, a fun local Brewery is Speakeasy.  They are located in the shadow of the Bayview Housing Projects on Evans off of Third Street here in San Francisco.

They often have parties or events at the Brewery, which can be pretty fun to attend.

Be warned, though, that the guys are pretty big heavy metal fans.  The last time we were out, they had an acoustic metal jam going on.  It’s a bit different feel than the mellow, grateful dead influenced vibe of the Magnolia Brew Pub.

They call the Untouchable Ale and American Style Pale Ale.

I suppose along the lines of Sierra Nevada Pale, Untouchable is a bit hoppier and also slightly heavier beer than the Sierra Nevada.

They make several other beers which they don’t bottle.  One of my favorites of those is the Hunter’s Point Porter.  If you ever see that on cask, don’t hesitate to order it.

Anyway, as you travel, my advice is to experiment.  If you’re out at a bar or restaurant that seems to take care with their beer, pick a beer you haven’t seen before.  I think you’ll find, local beer is almost always the best beer.