Wisconsin Old-Fashioneds, In the Wild

As I mentioned, I recently took a trip to Wisconsin.

Thought I might document a couple of the Old-Fashioneds in the wild.

While the default Wisconsin Old-Fashioned is a Brandy Old-Fashioned Sweet (Brandy with 7-Up) you can always ask for Bourbon or Rye with water instead of soda or 7-up.

This is my father-in-law’s typical Old-Fashioned:

Wisconsin Old-Fashioned

Jim Beam Rye, Sugar, Water, Angostura Bitters, Lemon Twist. Yes, that is a 14 oz Luminarc Working Glass. There were many hangovers before I got the hang of sipping my father-in-law’s Old-Fashioneds. The trick is to sip slowly and add more ice as you go. You do have the option of adding more spirits, but I do not recommend it.

Wisconsin Old-Fashioned

(This picture by Mrs. Flannestad.)

“Rye Old-Fashioned, water” at the Norwood Pines Supper Club, Minocqua, WI. Not sure what brand of Rye. I ordered a Bourbon Old-Fashioned, then said, “Wait a Sec, do you have Rye?” Amazingly, they did. To be honest, it tasted like Sazerac Rye, but that seems unlikely. Definitely not the Beam Rye. Note the cherry boat, which is typical of a Wisconsin Old-Fashioned.

Couple additional notes:

Almost all cocktail drinking at these sorts of supper clubs in Wisconsin is “on the rocks”. You will almost never see an “Up” drink.

At the Norwood Pines I saw the bartender playing with some green substance, ice cream, and a blender.
Oh my gosh! The legendary ice cream version of the Grasshopper! My only regret is I didn’t get a picture of the lovely couple lustily enjoying their Margarita Coupes filled with mountains of neon green, grasshopper flavored ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Old-Fashioneds, In the Wild

  1. Late to the commenting game on this post, alas.

    Wow, I like large Old Fashioneds, but to me “large” means 4 ounces. I can see I need to man up a few notches.

    Also, when I was a teenager and still had a massive sweet tooth, my uncle once blended up a batch of ice-cream versions of the Brandy Alexander. Tasty stuff, that. Dunno whether I’d drink ’em now, though.

  2. Yeah, a 14oz Old-Fashioned isn’t an every day drink for me either.

    It’s funny, I typically think of Old-Fashioneds as winter drinks. But sipping a big frosted glass of cold, bittered whiskey while riding in a wooden boat around Lake Kawaguesaga in Wisconsin, spotting eagles and loons is pretty great.

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