BOTW–Adventures in Drinking

Kind of a crazy short week this week, and very little beer drunk. Or maybe too much to pick a specific beer?

When I got to work on Tuesday morning, Mrs. Flannestad called to say, “I hate to break it to you, but you’ve got jury duty today!”

Ran out of work and down to the courthouse, only to be told to go back to work and come back Wednesday.

Got to the court on Wednesday and was called into the courtroom for jury selection.

Sigh. Tedium ensues, as in this completely minor case (alleged shoplifting of something with a value of less than $400) both the young prosecutor and defense lawyer swing for the fences. Sigh. Fortunately, they didn’t dismiss enough people to get to me, so I don’t end up being interrogated. I can go home, my jury service over for a year.

I was kind of downtown, so I thought I’d salve the hurt at not being chosen for the jury by stopping at Slanted Door for one of their refreshing cold tall Pimm’s Cups. Indeed, as delicious as the last time I had one.

Had a very interesting and enlightening discussion with a Cognac, Armangac, and Calvados importer who stopped by with some products for them to try.

Anyway, a good evening out, great conversations, and some very tasty drinks. And I even made it home on time, well OK a little late, to make dinner for Mrs. Flannestad. A pretty tasty pasta with romano beans, chanterelle mushrooms, and mixed small tomatoes.

Thursday, we did actually have some beers. For the first time we stopped by Magnolia Brewpub for their weekly fried chicken night. Plenty of tasty beer and some even better fried chicken. Juicy and perfectly cooked.

Friday, we stopped at Pauline’s for Pizza and then on to Zeitgeist (Rated one of America’s Best Bars by Esquire Magazine. Really.) for a work related celebration. Speakeasy Hunter’s Point Porter and a pitcher of Poppy Jasper. I may have drunk too much.

Saturday, the Bay Area heat wave continued. We were both tired of eating out and looking forward to a meal at home. However, the temperature made me unwilling to turn on the oven or stove. Instead I repeated the grilled Arctic char on a bed of shiso and served it with grilled corn, a tomato salad, and potatoes cooked in foil on the grill. For me corn grilled in the husk is one of those summer treats that takes me back to my childhood in Wisconsin. It was so hot, I actually got Mrs. Flannestad to consent to drinking a bottle Navarro Pinot Gris! Woo, white wine for a change.

(Picture by Mrs. Flannestad)

We also had our last two cans of 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon. I dunno, even well chilled I still get a fair bit of canny taste.

So that was the week. Trying to get psyched for another Monday morning.