BOTW–Scaldis Noel

Every once in a while I’ll walk into the Bayshore BevMo and see a grocery cart full of clearance items in front of the store.  Usually I don’t pay much attention as it is most often filled with awful industrial liqueurs or grape-juice-plus-oakdust type wines.  However, a couple weeks ago I was pleased to see a few bottles of Scaldis Noel.

And how could you pass that discount up?

Scaldis Noel is a very strong (12%!) Belgian Ale, best described as similar to an English or American Barley Wine style ale.  It is surprisingly easy to drink for its strength and gains tremendous complexity and interest as it warms in the glass.

It was a perfect after dinner complement to our meal of pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, roasted apples, and sauerkraut.