Hachiya Persimmons

This is for Tiare who was asking me how to tell “ripe” Hachiya Persimmons…

Unripe Persimmon, yellowish and firm.

Unripe Persimmon

Leave them out on the counter until they turn deeper orange and are soft to the touch:

Ripe Persimmon


Spoonful of Persimmon

It’s like nature’s pudding. Soft and sweet.

And while I’m at it, I might as well pimp one of my original cocktails which feature them as an ingredient…

Winter In California

2 oz Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy
3/4 oz Hachiya Persimmon Puree*
Juice 1 Satsuma Mandarin
1/2 oz Orgeat
1/4 oz Pimento Dram

Shake in an iced cocktail shaker to chill. Strain into cocktail glass.

*To make Persimmon Puree, simply use a very soft Hachiya persimmon, wash, take the leaves off of the bottom, cut in quarters, (check for seeds and remove if you find them,) drop in a blender, and buzz until pureed. If you let Fuyu persimmons hang around until they are soft they can also be used.

4 thoughts on “Hachiya Persimmons

  1. Wow, i didnt see this post until today, that`s how busy i`ve been.

    Thanks a ton for showing this Erik! now i might go for a persimon hunt, not sure if i`ve seen these in the shops for quite a while..

    Seems interesting to pair with say blackpepper and cinnamon and spirits to play with? maybe Bourbon, Tequila reposado or aged Cachaca? I donĀ“t even remember how this fruit tastes like..

    Nice pictures.

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