Fuyu Persimmons

Persimmon identification, part two for Tiare.

Fuyu Persimmon

The other sort of persimmon that it is possible you might run across is called a “Fuyu Persimmon”.  As you can see, it has a flatter shape than its cousin the Hachiya Persimmon.

Unlike Hachiya Persimmons, Fuyu Persimmons are edible when still crunchy and firm.  A lot of times you’ll see folks eating them out of hand like apples.  Being a weirdo, I like to peel both apples and persimmons before eating.

Fuyu Persimmon, Cut Up

I’m trying to think of what other food they are most similar to and coming up a bit empty.  Maybe a bit like a crunchy pear, but sweeter and without the acidity?

Few other fun Persimmon facts:

All the persimmons on a single tree ripen at the same time, making them a very seasonal fruit.  Here in the San Francisco area, they are available from early November through Mid-December.

You can let Fuyu persimmons “ripen” until they are pudding-like and soft.

Technically, you aren’t letting persimmons “ripen”.  They are ripe when they are crunchy.  The technical term is “bletting“.  But really, you’re mostly letting them rot a bit.  Other than Persimmons, Quince and Medlars are also at their best after, ahem, “bletting”.

If you don’t have time to allow Hachiya Persimmons time to “blet”, you can just freeze them.  When they thaw again, they will be soft and their astringent character will be gone.

6 thoughts on “Fuyu Persimmons

  1. These turned up in our Capay Farm box, and we struggled to find any cocktail recipes for them that didn’t involve pre-preparing them as a puree. I think we ended up pretending they were apples, mashing them up and puring rum on them…

  2. I’ve never tried doing anything drink related with crisp Fuyu persimmons. I’d think the flavor would be too subtle for infusion. I also wonder if the lack of real acid would allow them to do much muddled in a drink. They are good in a salad or just eaten on their own. And if you’ve got a week or two, they are just as delicious as soft Hachiya Persimmons.

  3. Help. I need to find fuyu by tonite or tomorrow for a recipe that is to die for, well almost. Goat cheese from France, maple glazed pecan topped with a cranberry – but the bottom is a fuyu persimmon. Where can I wake to find them on Dec. 24, 2008?

  4. Very interesting, and you just thought me a new word..bletting..thank you;-))

    Now i know some things on persimons i didnt know before.

  5. Norm, assuming you’re in San Francisco:

    Andronico’s, Whole Foods, Good Life Grocery, Golden Produce (across from the Market St. Safeway)…

    Also, Chinatown groceries will likely be a better bet than Safeway and Albertson’s.

    Good Luck!

  6. Thanks for descriptions and photos of both persimmons. Just bought my first one here in Czech and I had no idea how to deal with it :-) Your articles helped very nicely! Now I need to wait for this one to turn soft. Looking forward to finding out how it tastes :-D

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