Underhill Punsch, Jan 2009

Underhill Punsch

Amazingly, I’ve been making versions of this recipe for over 2 years now!

Latest version, this one distinguished by presence of actual Sorrento Lemons!

Underhill Punsch, January 2009

2 cups Appleton V/X Rum
1 cup Batavia Arrack
2 cup hot extra strong spiced tea (4 tsp Peet’s Yunnan Fancy Tea, 6 crushed cardamom pods, brewed in 2 cup water)
2 cup raw or natural sugar
2 Sorrento lemons sliced thinly, seeds removed

Put sliced lemons in a resealable non-reactive container large enough to hold 4 cups of liquid. Pour Rum and Batavia Arrack over citrus. Cover and steep for 6 hours.

Dissolve sugar in hot tea and cool to room temperature. Refrigerate.

After 6 hours, pour rum off of sliced citrus, without squeezing fruit.

Combine tea syrup and flavored rum. Filter and bottle in a clean sealable container. Rest 24 hours and enjoy where Swedish Punch is called for.

Say a Boomerang, Biffy or even a Diki-Diki, if you are feeling brave.

Anyone got any other favorite uses for Swedish Punsch?

Leap Frog Cocktail

Leap Frog Cocktail

Leap-Frog Cocktail

1 Lump of Ice. (few lumps fridge ice)
The Juice of 1/2 Lemon.
1 Glass Gin. (2 oz No. 209 Gin)
1 Split of Ginger Ale. (Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew)

Serve in long tumbler.

I was hoping to garnish this with some delicious smelling Holy Basil I got from a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t make it. So I stuck in a couple Tarragon sprigs I had in the fridge. The tarragon added nearly nothing to the cocktail aside from visual interest.

It’s really hard to argue with this combo, especially on a hot day. Even if the rest of California is on fire.

If I were to quibble, I’d say, this is my first time trying Reed’s “Extra Ginger Brew” and I was hoping for it to be a bit zestier. I dunno, maybe I’ve burned out all my taste buds, but I didn’t find it particularly pungent.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.