Uh, Could You Repeat That?

Iron Chef America

“Watch David Kinch battle Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America on Sunday, March 15. Chef Kinch challenges resident Iron Chef Bobby Flay on the popular Food Network cooking competition TV show.”

No, really, what did you say?  I seem to be having a hard time hearing.  I thought I heard you say Manresa Restaurant‘s chef  DAVID KINCH was going to battle BOBBY FLAY on the Food Network’s show IRON CHEF.

Well, I know I’ll be setting the DVR when I get home tonight.

But if Kinch doesn’t mop the floor with that wannabe cowboy…

2 thoughts on “Uh, Could You Repeat That?

  1. Ugh, sometimes that show makes so so angry, usually when Bobby Flay is involved. I once saw him compete with Rick Bayless, who is a freaking food god, and inexplicably Bobby Flay won. Bayless’ dishes were better, but less, hmm, pretentious, overdone, flare-having? Kinch will probably lose too, because like Bayless he does classic authentic dishes very, very well which is just not what Iron Chef is all about.

  2. Yeah, I’ve actually gotten into the habit of just deleting the Bobby Flay episodes of the show without even watching them.

    I get tired of tamales and cowboy breakfast. Not to mention, as you say, the fact that the other competitor’s food usually looks better, yet Mr. Flay seems to pull out a large percentage of wins.

    It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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