Savoy Cocktail Book Night, June 2009

One Sunday a month, Alembic Bar is foolish enough to toss out their regular menu and instead hand you a Savoy Cocktail  Book.  Pick a cocktail, any cocktail.  We dare you.

This Sunday, June 21st, is the day. After 6 PM is the time.

Here are some of the ingredients for a punch I am working on:

1 qt Osocalis Brandy
1 pt Appleton V/X
1 pt Coruba
1 pt Batavia Arrack
peel 4 lemons
juice 6 lemons
1/2 pineapple, chopped and crushed
6 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
5 Cardamom Pods, Crushed
4 teaspoons Lung Ching Dragonwell Tea
1/2 # Florida Crystals
1 quart Straus Family Creamery Whole Milk

C’mon, step right in, the water’s fine.


“If you will dare, I will dare!”

3 thoughts on “Savoy Cocktail Book Night, June 2009

  1. Totally off the wall, but I saw your posts on the search for Kina Lillet subsitutes and finding a product called “Cocchi Aperitivo Americano”. You have any luck finding more of this stuff locally (Bay Area?) I’ve been looking (tried K&L Wines, John Walker, Cask) and am having a bugger of a time.

    • Dave, the rumor is a certain Minnesota based spirits and wine importer will be bringing Cocchi Americano into the US some time this year. I’ve been waiting so long now, I’m not holding my breath. But at least there is some hope.

  2. Thx! I left some calls with Diamond Wine in Oakland but haven’t heard back. Hopefully the Minnesota importer who’s name rhymes with Schm-eric Schm-eed starts carrying it.

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