Poop Deck Cocktail

Poop Deck Cocktail

Poop Deck Cocktail.
1/2 Blackberry Brandy. (1 oz Leopold Brothers Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur)
1/4 Port Wine. (1/2 oz Ficklin Port)
1/4 Brandy. (1/2 oz Osocalis Brandy)
Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. (uh, oops, build in crushed ice, stir, top up with a splash of soda. Squeeze Lemon Peel over glass.)

One of the fun things about Savoy Cocktail Book night at Alembic is that some of the Savoy Cocktails are actually on the “Classics” section of Alembic’s regular menu.

The Poop Deck is one that they describe in the following way, “It’s hard to resist a cocktail with a nautical theme (or scatalogical reference for that matter). This classic cocktail blends Cognac, Port Wine, and Blackberry Brandy, making for smooth sailing on stormy seas. Overindulgence, however, could send a wave up over your stern.”

To me the “up” version of the Poop Deck is a tad rich for my taste, so I decided to give it the old Bradsell Bramble treatment, building it over crushed ice.  Worked quite well, I must say!

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

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  1. I think its great, those ingredients mentioned above is just around the corner of my house. I want to try this once, anytime of the month.

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