Just Like STARTing Over

Big Feet.

We recently added a new member to our household, Mr. Monty Wooley. We adopted him from Wonder Dog Rescue without much information beyond him being somewhere around 6 months old.  We suspect he is some sort of Dachshund-Terrier mix, given his shape and how fond he is of sniffing just about everything in the world.

Michele and I have been talking about getting a dog for almost as long as we have been together, but it is still a pretty big adjustment to our (and our cats’) lives to be responsible for the health and happiness of this tiny terror.

The amusing part is that when you walk a little dog, you get to meet tons of people who normally wouldn’t even give you a second look.  We like to say we’ve met more people in our neighborhood in the last 3 months than we had in the previous 8 years of living in Bernal Heights.

So it’s pretty weird, as an anti-social curmudgeon who generally hates making small talk, to find myself chatting away with strangers about dogs, the weather, and what is going on in our neighborhood.

Likewise, working behind the bar has been stretching who I think I am in oddly similar ways to owning a dog.  Making small talk with strangers about both esoteric and pedestrian topics.

It really is sometimes strange where the coincidences and situations in life take you.

Currently, I find myself in a bit of new phase in my life.

The budget woes at the University of California have caused the administration to require that all employees take a certain number of unpaid furlough days a month.  In my case it would have been a bit more than two days a month.

I’ve been working as a bartender for what has amounted to a day or two a week since we opened Heaven’s Dog in January, so this time off isn’t really a huge crisis.  In fact, it will be kind of nice to only work 5 days a week!  I know, I’m an underachiever.

But when I was thinking about what to do with two free days a month, it occurred to me that it would be easier with the bar scheduling to take the same day off every week.

Luckily, the University also has another program to save itself payroll money, which allows employees to voluntarily take a certain percentage off of their jobs.  Starting a couple weeks ago, I reduced my University job to 4 days a week and at the same time convinced the bar manager at Heaven’s Dog to give me a regular shift at the bar.

Here’s to strange new adventures, dogs, and small talk!