Queen Elizabeth Cocktail

Queen Elizabeth Cocktail

Queen Elizabeth Cocktail.

1 Dash Curacao (1/3 teaspoon Brizard Orange Curacao)
1/2 Italian Vermouth. (1 oz Punt e Mes)
1/2 Brandy. (1 oz Osocalis Brandy)

Stir well and strain into cocktail glass. Add 1 cherry. (Orange Peel.)

As the cocktail doesn’t call for any bittters, I cheated a bit and went with the Punt e Mes for this Queen Elizabeth Cocktail.

Nothing complicated or particularly deep, but quite tasty!

Definitely preferable to the previous Queen Elizabeth with Gin, Cointreau, Lemon, and Absinthe.

From the wikipedia, regarding the Queen:

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite; 4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) was Queen of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions from 1936 until 1952 as the wife of King George VI. After her husband’s death, she was known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. She was the last Queen of Ireland and Empress of India.

Assuming that that is the Queen Elizabeth we are talking about here, I’m a bit surprised. It is my understanding her favorite drink was Gin and Dubonet Rouge, rocks, with a slice of lemon.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

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  1. Small correction: Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch, is the Elizabeth who prefers a Dubonet cocktail. Her mother, the lat Queen Mother described above, was known for keeping a flask of gin in her purse, but I don’t think her particular drink of choice was ever published.

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