Hercules No. 5

Making a batch of Hercules for tonight’s Savoy Night at Alembic.

Stop by for a warming beverage on this cold, dreary San Francisco Fall night.

Hercules #5

1 Stick Cassia Cinnamon, crushed
2 tsp. Coriander Seed, crushed
3 Cardamom Pods, crushed
8 Whole Cloves, crushed
1 tsp. Quinine Powder
1 tsp Gentian Root
1/4 Cup Yerba Mate
1 bag peppermint tea
Rind 2 Seville Oranges
Rind 1/2 Valencia Orange
1/2 cup Raw Sugar
750ml Quady Elektra Orange Muscat
1/4 cup Osocalis Brandy

METHOD: Combine spices, peel, yerba mate and wine. Heat to 160 degrees. Add mint and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Filter through chinois and add Brandy. Let stand for at least a day. Pour liquid off of sediment and through a coffee filter and bottle.

9 thoughts on “Hercules No. 5

    • Michael, I’m not sure if they are exactly “Seville” oranges. They do look a lot like the Seville oranges I bought last year, but the grower at the Farmers’ Market just called them “sour” oranges. More info in the upcoming Satan’s Whiskers posts.

  1. Erik: Thanks for the info. I look forward to the Satan’s Whiskers posts. I know there are a lot of essentially inedible oranges grown in CA backyards, I think because of the ease with which orange varieties will cross pollinate each other. Characteristics are wrinkly skin and/or thick pith and/or small sour fruit body. I’ve wondered how these might work in marmalade.

  2. This grower does carry actual seville oranges when they are in season, (Italian family at the Alemany Farmers’ Market), but these were marked “sour lemon oranges”. They are small-ish, seedy, and quite sour with a yellow-green flesh and relatively thin skin. The juice made a great marinade and pan sauce for a roasted pork tenderloin.

  3. I wonder if these are simply the fruit from the sour orange rootstock on which most citrus is grafted. How did they work in the Hercules? We want to know these things! ;-)

  4. Sadly, after all that work, no one asked for a Hercules cocktail last Sunday. Where were you blog readers, (if in fact there are any)? The bar staff quite enjoyed the taste of the new Hercules. I’d drink it straight, though Brandon suggested it would be good in a toddy.

  5. I just made a batch of the #5 recipe Hercules. Thus far, it seems as though this is going to be great. A bit of a cross between French Dubonnet and Byrrh.

  6. That sounds great my friend, i think it may be a challenge assertaining the neccessary ingrediants in Ibiza however i will make a point of searching them out when i am next in london. With regard to the Marmalade those oranges would be ideal i should think, add a couple of lemons in the mix, works a treat.

    • Seville Oranges are in season at the moment here in CA, so I was lucky to make a recent batch with the official thing.

      Cinchona Powder or Bark is the most challenging at the moment, the natural groceries seem to have stopped carrying it and I am relegated to lurking in witchy herbal stores.

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