Boothby’s Ten Commandments: V. Dry and polish all the glassware and tools which you have used on your watch


As I mentioned before, Anchor Distilling recently reprinted the 1891 edition of “Cocktail Boothby’s American Bar-Tender“.

As someone who is somewhat involved in the bartender trade, I always enjoy going through old books and reading the advice that appears. Usually, I am amazed at how little has changed. How valid pieces of advice contained in a book from 1891 can be 118 years later.

So I thought I would go through Boothby’s “Ten Commandments” for bartenders one by one and see which ones still make sense for the 21st Century.

Packed and RTG

V. When going off watch always dry and polish all the glassware and tools which you have used on your watch, and see that everything is in its proper place, so that your relief can work to advantage as soon as he arrives at his post.

You’ve had a killer shift and are dead tired. Just shooed the last of the hangers on out the door. Rousing yourself to do the closing cleaning tasks, well, can be a challenge.

But if you don’t your replacement, or the next day’s opener, is going to be in a world of pain, spending the first portion of shift cleaning sticky bottles and running around looking for supplies.

It’s professional courtesy, pure and simple, to do your best to make sure that your station, and the bar, is clean and in decent shape to do business after you have left.

Rouse yourself and remember that kindness given is usually returned.