BOTW–Monk’s Blood

Monk's Blood in a can.

Monk’s Blood (pdf link) was created for the BRU/SFO project and featured during a beer and food pairing dinner Sean Paxton, aka homebrewchef held at their restaurant.  Apparently this particular beer was so successful that they decided to brew and can a batch.

Though, even after reading Jesse’s praise of the beer on his blog, I was a little worried when I read the description, “Monk’s Blood is an 8.3% alcohol, dark Belgian-style ale brewed with eight malts, Belgian candi sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dried local black mission figs and aged on oak.”  Oof!  That’s a lot of stuff!

While it is a bit on the sweet side, there is just a touch of sour character.  Enough, at least, for me not to be overwhelmed by its sweetness.  Nor are the potentially overwhelming spices, cinnamon and vanilla, overdone.

Fig, on the other hand, comes out loud and clear in both the nose and taste.

Great as an after dinner libation, or perhaps with a nice meaty duck leg as Sean did at the dinner, Monk’s Blood is definitely a beer worth searching out.

Plus, there’s probably some joke out there whose punch line is, “Monk’s Blood in a can”.  Just think how cool it will make you sound ordering it at the bar!  Though it does make me think of a friend who takes perverse joy in hearing her straight, male friends order Speakeasy Big Daddy IPAs, “I’d like a Big Daddy, thank you very much.”

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