If You Show Me Yours…

While not an ice nerd, quite on Camper English’s scale, the  top shelf gets dedicated mostly to cold, cocktail related stuff.

Useless refrigerator ice on the left.  Tovolo cubes for long and shaken drinks.  Hockey puck size pieces from the silicon cupcake molds for cracking.  Chilled Yarai Mixing glasses for stirred drinks.  Frozen Jägermeister for whenever Jeffrey Morgenthaler decides to drop by.  Because you never know when to expect him.  Or wait, is that the Spanish Inquisition?


7 thoughts on “If You Show Me Yours…

  1. I like the silicon muffin molds, as they can be re-used infinitely and are easy to get the ice out of without breaking them. Fortunately, I received them as a gift, so cost wasn’t a factor.

  2. Cubes:
    I typically a Gallon Size ziploc baga containing demolded cubes from 4 Tivolo trays and a Gallon Size bagscontaining demolded ice from standard ice trays that I use for shaking. Usually, I have fresh unmolded trays of ice as well.

    Big Balls: A gallon size bag of Demolded Ice Balls from Ice Big Ball from Japan purchased on Ebay.

    Blocks: I have started freezing a big block of ice in a large Ziploc pop top container that I use to crave big chunks from when deserved.

    Glassware: 8 Martini Glasses, 6 Old Fashioned and sometimes a couple of high balls, and 20oz Beer Mugs

    I hope one day to have a freezer dedicated solely to Ice and glassware. Right now, I keep bread, sauce, chicken stock and assorted other items

  3. I noticed nice cubes in your collection..however..if you wish to have crystal clarity instead of foggy looking cubes, boiling the water first and then freezing it should help. props

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