One ingredient I’ve kind of put off making is Sirop-de-Citron.

Not because it is particularly or challenging to manufacture, but mostly because I have a bottle of Monin Lemon Syrup I’ve barely put a dent in.

However, I’ve never really been thrilled with the drinks I’ve made with the Monin Syrup.

Clayton's Kola Tonic.

With the recent arrival of Clayton’s Kola Tonic, an ingredient commonly combined with Sirop-de-Citron, it seemed like a good opportunity to revisit. Plus, it’s Lemon season.

Source recipes:

La Cuisine de Jardin

Pause Cuisine



5 Lemons
1kg Natural Sugar

Method: Slice lemons, (note deadly ceramic Mandolin in foreground and cut resistant glove in background,) toss with sugar and place in a clean container.

Let stand for 2-3 days.

Add mixture to a sauce pan and bring to a simmer.

Strain through cheesecloth.

If you desire, save now candied peel, dehydrate and store in a sealed container.

Strain into clean 750ml bottle, fill with water.  Refrigerate, (though with this much sugar to liquid, I really doubt much is going to happen here,) and serve with soda water or where Sirop-de-Citron is called for.

Comparing the Monin and home-made, it is really apparent the Monin syrup has been pumped up with Ascorbic Acid.  It is pretty extreme in it’s lemon flavor.  The home made is more natural tasting, though with a bit of a bitter after taste from the inclusion of the pith in maceration.  For those very picky about bitterness, I did find some fancy pants, pastry chef type recipes which zest the lemon peel, juice the lemons, and use this to create the syrup.  Personally, I don’t mind the bitter after taste, and hope it lends some zip to drinks like the Big Boy, Clayton’s, Filmograph, Marvel, Pink Baby, and Re-Vigorator.

15 thoughts on “Sirop-de-Citron

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  2. Nice!
    I once had a lot of citrus fruit and decided to make this recipe.
    I tried lemons, limes and tangerines, the one I like the most was the tangerine.
    Looking at my notes the one I got a bit of an oxidized flavor from was the lime syrup, not the lemon as I mentioned on twitter. I probably left the fruit in the sugar one day too long as my notes say 4 days for the lime syrup. Maybe that was the problem.
    It´s a really simple recipe to make indeed and I’ll re visit it soon.
    I should have thought about saving the peal, they probably make for a nice garnish.

  3. Well, the recipes varied from no water being added to quite a bit. Talking to Jennifer Colliau, she thought the flavor would be more concentrated with less water. Plus, I didn’t have a lot of empty bottles sitting around. I think I added less than a cup to top off the wine bottle.

  4. Thanks for the reply about the water. I like the idea of keeping the flavor as concentrated as possible.

    I actually wonder if you could (or want) to make this syrup w/o any heat at all—assuming you’ve got enough juice to dissolve the sugar. This is a trick I learned from Lane Ford. It takes a lot of stirring but you can get a two parts sugar to one part juice to go into solution. Maybe for this you’d need to add some additional juice (or water, I suppose) after macerating the sliced lemons w/ the sugar to get it to dissolve. I’m going to give this a try.


    P.S. Interesting new styling on the site. A bit “modern” perhaps. ;->

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  7. the quality of the lemon is important
    the best is not very yellow but when it is between green and yellow
    with a slightly shiny skin

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