BOTW–West Coast I.P.A.

I really like every beer I have tried so far from Green Flash Brewing.

Of those I am especially fond of, their Le Freak is a pretty cool beer.

However, their West Coast IPA is probably their flagship beer.  “Extravagently Hopped”, is how they describe it on the website, and I’d agree, though not to the extent of some, cough, other Southern California brewers.

Still smarting from last week’s stew disaster, I decided to revisit, but with things I am comfortable with.  Like Pork.

Yellow Indian Woman

And Rancho Gordo Yellow Indian Woman Beans. Soaked the beans for a couple hours and set them to cook with some garlic and herbs.


Groceries for the stew.

Country Spare Ribs

Mmmm, Got some awesome country style spare ribs at Avedano’s.  Check out that marbling!

Braising Greens

And some kale and tatsoi from a friendly face at the Allemany Farmers’ Market.


Browned the pork, sauteed some aromatic vegetables, covered it with white wine, and put it in a 325 degree oven to simmer.


Also got some nice Chanterelles from Far West Fungii at the Allemany Farmers’ Market. Roasted those off.


When the meat was getting towards tender, I removed the meat from the bone, degreased the cooking liquids, and combined the now tender beans, braising greens, and roasted chanterelles. Covered again and returned to oven.




That turned out tasty.  Walnut Bread from the Noe Valley Bakery.


Oh wait, I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the beer.  Navarro Zinfandel with dinner this time, instead of Cabernet Sauvingon.

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