Sazerac Cocktail (Beretta)

Sazerac Cocktail 15 out of 28.

I have challenged myself to post 28 Sazeracs in 28 days for the month of February.

I’ll try some different spirits, try some out at bars, and have some friends make them for me. Hopefully, if I can get my act together we’ll have some video.


Mrs. Flannestad and a friend wanted to meet for dinner at Front Porch. Casting about for nearby sources of Sazeracs, Beretta occurred to me. Wow, could it really be nearly 2 years since I visited with Mr. Thad Vogler in this restaurant?

Dropping by, I was pleased to discover Mr. Ryan Fitzgerald behind the bar.

I should really have a picture of him here, but I failed to get a decent image of him while photographing at Beretta.  Ambient light photography can be a bitch.  Just google “I hate cocktails” and I’m sure you’ll find something.

But while Ryan and I were emailing back and forth, trying to schedule another photo shoot, my wife noticed that his email address meant something, “I didn’t know that Ryan was in a band.” I had no idea either until she explained that his email address related to the band “Broker Dealer” on the well respected Ghostly label.

Reminds me of one of the things I really like about working in restaurants.  Almost every one has some interesting hobby or other interest.  Talking to bartenders and waiters, you often discover amazing things they are doing other than working in bars or restaurants.  Whether it’s wood working, film making, political activism, raising a family, or running a small business, it seems many are over achievers with a keen interest in living life to the fullest.  They aren’t people who can easily be defined using a single category.  I often feel like the most boring guy at the party, as all I do is work a computer job, bartend, and write this blog.  Well, those and training a dog are keeping me pretty busy at the moment, so what can you do?


Sazerac Cocktail.
1 Lump of Sugar. (Small Hand Foods Gum Syrup)
1 Dash Angostura or Peychana Bitters.
1 Glass Rye or Canadian Club Whisky. (Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey)

Stir well and strain into another glass that has been cooled, add l dash Absinthe and squeeze lemon peel on top.

Another perfectly executed and delicious Sazerac. Mr. Fitzgerald’s use of Gum Syrup is interesting. A lot of bartenders say it adds a lot to a cocktail like a Sazerac, mostly in texture. I really want to do a blind tasting of a few different sweeteners before I finish this. Gum Syrup, 2x Simple, 1x Simple, and cube sugar. I am curious what the perceivable differences will be.


This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.