Sazerac Milk Punch

I was getting a bit low on the previous Milk Punch, so it seemed like it was time for another batch.  Hmmm…  What if I use some of the same ingredients typically found in a Sazerac?

Sazerac Milk Punch


750ml Old Overholt Rye
750ml Wild Turkey Rye
375ml Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
7 Lemons
1 1/2 cups water
3 cups Sugar Florida Crystals Natural Sugar
1 Puerh Tea Disk
1 Quart Straus Farm Whole Milk


Steeping Peels

Combine the spirits in a container large enough to hold them and a little extra. Peel and juice 5 of the lemons. Add juice and peels to spirits and let stand for 2 days.

Puerh Tea

Steep tea in hot water for 5 mins and add sugar. Stir to dissolve. Strain out tea leaves and cool.

Milk Solids

Strain Peels out of booze mixture. Add tea syrup to booze. Squeeze juice from remaining lemons and add to mixture. Heat milk to 145 degrees and add too mixture. Let stand for 30 minutes undisturbed.

Milk Solids

Filter through cheesecloth, removing curdled milk solids.


Add absinthe until you can just begin to taste it.

Sazerac Milk Punch

Bottle in clean resealable containers and chill until you are ready to serve.  Makes about 3 liters. To serve, pour over ice and top with 1 part soda to 2 parts punch.

Mrs. Flannestad remarked, “If you meant to make this taste boozy, you have succeeded.”  Not sure if it really tastes much like a Sazerac, but it does taste like a delicious Rye Whiskey Milk Punch. I was going to bring this along to tonight’s Savoy Cocktail Book event, but clearly that would be very, very wrong with the new paradigm being enforced by the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control.

Are My Favorite Bartenders Going to be Sent to Jail?”

ABC Crackdown on Infused Liquors

Your Favorite Cocktail Could Get A Bartender Fined

State warns Bay Area bars not to infuse drinks

Illegal Infusions: The Word Gets Out

And the best commentary I’ve seen so far, from Dinah and Joe over at Echoes of Prohibition. Well, Joe is an actual Lawyer…

So let me get this straight, Sangria is illegal!!??  Don’t tell the Spanish!  Any pre-prepared Punch forbidden?  Jerry Thomas turns over in his grave and David Wondrich gets incrementally grayer!  Any house made liqueur, tincture, or bitters is now verboten!?  I’m so glad that vile commercial products made with corn syrup, artificial flavoring and artificial color are just fine and I can’t make an infusion with actual fruit!!!

Basically any alcoholic mixture not mixed a la minute or involving an alcoholic ingredient not purchased through the distribution chain is against the rules?

Time to join the punch making, spirits infusing, speakeasy underground!

7 thoughts on “Sazerac Milk Punch

  1. I like, but don’t love, Lucid. If all I had available was Lucid, Tourment Verte, Mata Hari, and La Fee, I’d still buy it. But if Obsello or Kubler were around I’d pick them over Lucid.

  2. I am always reminded of Solaris by the milk solids curdled in the booze.

    Indeed, it is tasty. And if you wait a day or two, the milk solids will settle out, and you can rack off the completely clear punch.

    • The Milk Solids are pretty much already boozy cottage cheese or ricotta. From a quart, it doesn’t end up being much, maybe a cup, or even less if you let them continue to drain. I had a similar thought one of the last times. Your mileage may vary, but I thought they tasted pretty darn nasty. They are functioning as fining agents after all, and it seems like a lot of what they pull out of the punch is not very appealing.

  3. I`m intrigued by the addition of S&C. As for the absinthe..i`m really living in a wasteland but i do have 2, TWO absinthes..La Clandestine and Mata i would use La Clandestine then.As for rye we sadly can get only one, Wild Turkey by special order only. As for the tea i have no idea what tea that is, what can i sub with?

    Erik, be happy that you don`t live here as far as alcoholic spirits go..

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