Soda Cocktail


Soda Cocktail
1 Lump of Sugar. (Oh oops, forgot the sugar cube!)
4 Dashes Angostura Bitters. (4 dashes of Ango Bitters)
1 Lump of ice.
Use long tumbler and fill with a bottle of lemon soda, or lemonade (Fever Tree Bitter Lemon).

As a very bitter man, I felt the combination of bitter lemon and angostura bitters to be quite a delightful, complex, multifaceted taste delight. I suppose, if you are a “super taster” you may not agree with me. Well, unless you are a super taster who really, really likes bitter flavors.

A nice stomach settling delight, this would be perfect if you weren’t feeling 100%.

To me, however, it always makes me think of the question, “Are small amounts of alcoholic bitters allowed in non-alcoholic cocktails?”

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.

6 thoughts on “Soda Cocktail

  1. I’ve contemplated that very same question when preparing drinks for teetotalers and come to the conclusion that it depends on the context of the individual’s abstinence. In other words, recovering alcoholics may want nothing at all to do with anything containing intoxicants as a matter of principle, whereas someone who simply doesn’t enjoy the effects of alcohol wouldn’t feel or taste the booze and thus should be cool with the bitters. Mostly, I feel bad for those folks who can’t enjoy my homemade Falernum. That stuff is friggin delicious! On another note, I recently made your Swedish Punsch recipe and it was killer. Out of curiosity, have you ever tried lapsang souchong in your Punsch? I hear it adds some nice smoke.

    • I hadn’t had Lapsang Souchong in the house for a while, but I recently got some in hopes of experimenting with syrups and infusions. Initial tests were not particularly promising, but given my fondness for the stuff will likely continue.

      I’ve also been a bit distracted by the Milk Punches and haven’t gotten back to Swedish Punch. Really need to pin that recipe down a bit more, but first want to get a Milk Punch with Smith & Cross and Batavia Arrack in the can.

      • Smith and Cross and Batavia sounds like a mean combo. I look forward to hearing more on your Milk Punch. As for the Lapsang experimentation, there’s been some of that going on around here as well. Though with mixed results. Apart from infusing some gin with it and making Negronis (other drinks fell flat) and an agave/lapsong syrup that I’ve used in margaritas, nothing else has succeeded. Best of luck in your explorations.

    • Ha! Well, I guess someone who usually drinks 4 oz of bonded booze in a sitting would consider an ounce of Angostura a “Temperance Drink”, but I’m not exactly sure Baker counts as someone I would take advice from. Well, unless it is for curing hangovers…

  2. Legally, any drink that has less than 0.5% alcohol content can be considered non-alcoholic (a nod at non-alcoholic beer). By my estimate, your soda cocktail, neglecting the ice melt and assuming you used the whole bottle of soda, is about 0.3% ABV. So by law, that is one pleasantly bitter non-alcoholic beverage you’re enjoying!

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