Ice Capades

I’ve admired Andrew Bohrer’s writing on his website Cask Strength for a couple years now.

Last year, I finally got to meet the man when we both participated in the B.A.R. Advanced seminars and testing when it was held in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Seattle for a few years, so had yet to experience his stylings behind the bar.

When Amanda Womack, of Cask Store, mentioned that they were going to bring him down for a special event at Bourbon and Branch, I was pretty psyched that I would finally get to taste some of Andrew’s drinks.

When I further received a note from Andrew, asking if he thought Heaven’s Dog would be able to help him score some clear ice for ice spheres in one of his drinks, I quickly sent a note to Erik Adkins. He was as into the idea as I was.

Two 300 pound blocks of Sculpture grade ice.

Really, there’s a bar called Heaven’s Dog back there.  I don’t know why you don’t stop by more often, we have really good cocktails…

At this point, Erik A. said, “I just realized I can’t leave this ice out here unattended, because someone will probably pee on it.”

Andrew scores the ice, so we can cut it in even slices.

Chainsaw Tuesday.

Scoring the slices for further cutting.

The press was even in attendance!  Local clear ice savant Camper English takes notes for his article Ice Meets Chainsaw. Check out the action videos of middle aged wanna be bartenders risking life and limb sawing ice with a chainsaw.

Andrew was also cool enough to give us a little seminar on cutting ice for spheres, cubes, and “diamonds”.

If you get up to Seattle, please do visit Andrew at his current place of business, Mistral Kitchen. I hear the cocktails and food are outstanding.