Valencia Cocktail (No. 1)

First, just a reminder that Sunday, October 31st, 2010, is our monthly exercise in folly, Savoy Cocktail Book Night at Alembic Bar. If any of the cocktails on this blog have captured your fancy, stop by after 6 and allow the skilled bartenders (and me) to make them for you. It is always a fun time.

Valencia Cocktail (No. 1)
4 Dashes Orange Bitters. (4 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters)
1/3 Orange Juice. (3/4 oz Valencia Orange Juice)
2/3 Apricot Brandy. (1 1/2 oz Brizard Apry)
Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

Well, it isn’t bad, exactly, if it is a bit sweet. Just needs a little jolt, would some booze have killed anyone? At least you are allowed a rather generous hand with the bitters.

One of those cocktails, and there are many, which makes you wonder over the character of juice oranges in the early part of the 20th Century.

PS. There was no Whiskey in this cocktail, even though there is a bottle in the picture, and the cocktail could have used some. That was just leftover from the Up-To-Date.

This post is one in a series documenting my ongoing effort to make all of the cocktails in the Savoy Cocktail Book, starting at the first, Abbey, and ending at the last, Zed.