Purchased Goods Feb 11, 2011

Right, well, so I was reading posts on the Chanticleer society forums and Martin Doudoroff, who recently launched a website devoted to Vermouth (Vermouth 101) proclaimed,”In the US, my benchmark Italian rosso-style vermouth is Martelletti.” What? I haven’t even had this vermouth! Martin is the technical driving force behind the cocktaildb and the author of several cocktail apps, (sadly only for iPhones,) so I figured he must know something about Vermouth. So I pointed my browser at drinkupny and searched for Martelletti.

Goddamn, they had the Martelletti Vermouth.

Well, if I’m going to order booze all the way from Brooklyn, I might as well get the free shipping. Hm, we don’t get Banks 5 Island Rum in CA, that should go in the cart, but it really isn’t very expensive. What else can I get to push me over $100?

Del Maguey Chichicapa, as endorsed by no less than the Old Grey Lady herself (Spirits of the Times: Mezcal, Tequila’s Spicy Cousin)? Why yes, that would do the trick quite nicely!

It’s San Francisco Beer Week!

For this week’s six pack, I went with Lagunitas Brewing’s Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale. “A Wheat Beer…the Brewers really like it because they can eat the malt for breakfast…it is packed with hops…It has every Hop in it that starts with the letter C”.

And a bottle of Bear Republic‘s Hop Rod Rye. Well, along with being SF Beer Week, it is Strong Beer Month, after all. I actually was hoping for Iron Springs’ Casey Jones, but sadly not at the grocery store this week.

Some nice cheese to go with my beer, according to the label it is Fougerus from Fromagerie Rouzaire, I assume, in France.

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  1. Thanks Underhill. Hope you enjoy sippin Chichi. Suggest you use a saki cup or a martini glass releases aromas without hard hi-proof alchol on the nose.

    Motto on bottle sip it. Don’t shoot it.

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