BOTW–San Diego County Session Ale

I have been tragically ignoring the Beer of the Week feature of this blog while concentrating on the last few Savoy “Cocktails”. I aim to rectify this oversight moving forward!

I was reading Jeff Allworth’s post on Beervana, asking for interesting beers that are sessionable: A Wish for Irregular Beer

But does it have to be? Will pale lagers always be “regular,” or will our consciousnesses expand such that some future generation has a broader definition? We are at the moment when it’s not entirely preposterous to suggest the answer may be yes. If so, we’re doing God’s work today, brewing and praising this beer that is still irregular to the vast majority of the world.

…and also Jason Wilson’s recent article in the SF Chronicle: In Search of Great Session Beer

What exactly are we looking for in a session beer? A session beer “can’t be insanely hopped, syrupy with residual sugar, or funkier than hell,” according to Lew Bryson, a respected beer and whiskey critic and managing editor of Malt Advocate. “You want a beer with a decent amount of flavor, and one that you can drink steadily, but not crazily, for several hours. And still be able to play cards without losing the house.”

In Jason’s article, he mentions the Stone Collaboration Ale “San Diego Session Ale” as one of his top picks.

I agree! A collaboration between Ballast Point, Kelsey McNair of North Park Brew Co, and Stone Brewing, it is an intensely hoppy beer that somehow manages to maintain balance and interest at a “mere” 4.2% ABV, as Jason notes, “the same alcohol as Bud Light”. Now if it were only available in six packs or on tap somewhere!