Saturday Night Dinner March 12, 2011

Normally, Pollo alla Diavola is chicken marinated in lemon and copious black pepper. But, I was low on lemons, so I used a kind of “Frenchy” marinade of dijon mustard, herbs, vinegar, and copious black pepper.

Spatchcocked and Roasted Poulet Rouge, Pollo alla Diavola-ish
Roasted Asparagus with Black Trumpet “dirt” (for Dominique)
Roasted Fingerlings, cooked under roasting chicken

Problems: Black trumpets gave up too much water, some of the asparagus ended up mushy. In the future roast asparagus and mushrooms separately. One of the restaurants which used to be in the ferry building, cooked its potatoes under the roasting meats (A bit questionable from a food safety perspective.) I decided to try something similar with the potatoes here and cooked them underneath the broiling pan, so they would catch some of the chicken drippings. They cooked unevenly. In the future, I would par cook the potatoes before placing the chicken on top.

Joseph Swan 2007 Russian River Valley Mouvedre.

Lemon-Cardamom Tea Cake (from Knead Patisserie) with Balsamic marinated strawberries and ice cream.