Why A Toddy

A question from AK: “General toddy question: Is there ever, in your opinion, a reason to make a cold toddy such as these rather than immediately reaching for the Ango and a twist?”

Well, if we put ourselves back in the pre-cocktail era, someone from that time might ask you the exact opposite question: “Why on earth are you putting bitters in perfectly good booze?”

Bitters were originally created as medicinal elixirs, things to put your stomach, or other organs, on the path to recovery.

You added sugar, (and maybe a little booze,) to your bitters to make them more palatable, not the other way around.

In those days, if you were going to modify your booze, you’d probably make a punch, a cobbler, a toddy, or if you were particularly forward thinking, a julep.

I sometimes wonder, if we are indeed in a golden age of quality spirits, why are we doing so much to disguise the character of these wonderful products of the distillers craft?