Domain Name Change

I’ve moved the site to a new hosting service (Laughing Squid), and while I was at it, took the opportunity to move the website to a new URL.

The unwieldy is now gone and has been replaced by the shorter and punctuation free

Through the magic of Apache httpd Rewrite rules, Redirects, and .htaccess files, it appears the old links, and RSS feeds should continue to function.

I’ve also added a dedicated twitter ID for the site, so if you want site updates to show up in your twitter stream, follow SavoyStomp

8 thoughts on “Domain Name Change

  1. Thanks for taking the time to preserve your old links! My bookmarks, in particular, are very grateful.

    Kudos on the new name. (I assume you passed on, and because they were all taken!)

  2. Far out! It’ll take some getting used to as I crave a world of security on which I can depend.

    Ooh! Bright shiny things!

  3. Laughing Squid is a great place to host and Scott Beale is the perfect person to host a cocktail culture blog. Mazel Tov.

    • I haven’t met Scott, but so far so good. Very responsive tech support in getting the site set up. Even helped me track down a memory problem with the theme (which will probably have to change).

  4. I am also glad you preserved the old links – I have a bunch of bookmarks to Savoy drinks you’ve done that I want to try but have not yet made. Thanks for the extra effort!

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