BOTW–Almanac Summer 2010

Prep for dinner.

The other day, I was talking to Jesse Friedman about the beer his company, Almanac Beer Company had recently launched and he suggested, “A Beer of the Week Feature on would totally put us over the top.”

Always happy to oblige a friend.

The funny thing is, every time I make a punch and have Jesse taste it, he tells me it is kind of “sweet”. I usually reply, “Well it is Punch.”

To me the bottles of Almanac fall squarely in the region defined by Belgian Trippels, beers that, to me, are just a little too sweet and rich to drink before dinner. They need food to contrast against to be fully appreciated. Or you can drink them for dessert.

Anyway, it the Almanac Summer 2010 is a Belgian Style blended beer, aged in used wine barrels with berries.

This Citra-hopped golden ale is a snapshot of Sonoma County from the second week of July 2010. Hot sun and long days produced sweet and complex blackberries. Our first release melds the flavors of four varieties–Cherokee, Marion, Ollalie and Boysenberries–with hints of vanilla and oak from months aging in red wine barrels. Enjoy paired with triple-cream cheeses, roast pork, and grilled stone fruit.


The whole thing is a labor of love, blood, sweat, tears, and cash for Jesse and his partner.

Jesse is a friend of mine, you should buy his beer, even if he looks a little goofy when he poses for pictures. Take my word for it, he’s a good guy.

I’ve had Miso Baked Black Cod, everywhere from Alembic to Heaven’s Dog to The House.

It’s dead simple to make.

1/4 Cup Shaoshing Rice Wine
1/4 Cup White Miso Paste
1/4 Cup Sake
1/8 Cup Sugar
dash Sesame Oil

Heat to dissolve sugar, cool and pour over fish. Cook in a 325F oven until done. Plate fish on warm dinner plates, pour off cooking liquid and reduce. Pour over fish and serve.

Not sure where this dish originated, but I found some indication it might have been originally made at Nobu.

Cauliflower and Broccoli roasted with soy and chile bean paste.

Quinoa pilaf with green onions.

Drink more beer, preferably Almanac.

Speaking of, if you’re thirsty and have some free time this evening:

7×7 Week in Food

Thursday, July 14 2011

Starting at 6 p.m., Almanac Beer is celebrating their brewery launch at Shotwell’s Bar with pastrami dogs from Wise Son’s Deli, Nosh This’ beer caramels covered in chocolate, and Kitchen Sidecar’s beer-braised carnitas taco. Oh, yeah, and there will be beer: Almanac’s 2010 Vintage Blackberry Ale and Sour Summer 2010. 3349 20th St. (at Shotwell)

…and that Sour Summer 2010 is off the charts…