MxMo LIX: Industrial Pale Fizz (Part 2)

Continuing with the practical exercise from the previous MxMo LIX post.

I’ve experimented with compounded beer flavored beverages before, as in my Modernist Punch, but this is a more a la minute preparation.

From 7/13/11

But when Frederic called for “Beer Cocktails”, I knew I had to step it up a notch. First I infused California Single Grain vodka with roasted barley and Rye for 24 hours.

From 7/13/11

Then I added Cascade Whole Leaf hops and let it sit for another day.

From 7/13/11

I strained out the barley and hops.

From 7/13/11

Combined 1 1/2 oz infused vodka with 1 1/2 tablespoons Malted Barley Syrup. Man that stuff is sticky. Added a tiny squeeze of lemon juice and an egg white. Dry shook it for a few seconds. Added Ice and shook the crap out of it.

Strained it into a pint glass and topped up with soda water.

Hey, it’s kind of neat, the bubbles in the carbonation are forming little waves of froth floating up the liquid, almost like Guinness.

Uh right, what is that?

It is remotely beer-like, but maybe reminds me a bit more of an Egg Cream than a beer.

First you get the roasty taste of the grains, then the sweetness of the barley malt. Finishes with a nice touch of hop bitterness and then the annoying aftertaste of highly distilled alcohol from the vodka.

On the plus side, it is neither the worst cocktail nor the worst beer that I have ever drunk.

2 thoughts on “MxMo LIX: Industrial Pale Fizz (Part 2)

  1. i think you should take another swing at it again! here are some ideas:

    – separate out the barley hop infusions, so you can make them both more intense, then experiment with proportions. I’d mix in some more big aroma hops too – i think amarillo’s apricot aroma would be great.

    – forget the malt syrup. do a tiny mini mash in a pot with a lb or so of malt. I’d use a mix perhaps of pils malt an maybe a touch of crystal 40 for color and cereal flavor. get the grain milled for you at the homebrew shop, then steep in 160 deg water for 30 minutes. strain, and rinse with more hot water. then boil that down by half to make your syrup.

    This assume you’re doing an IPA imagined cocktail. i’d imagine a wit based one with coriander in the infusion would be great too. mixing in banana and cloves optional.

    happy to taste for another round of experiments.

    This reminds me a bit of charlie bamforth, beer prof at davis. he’s done experiments building a beer out of 100% artificial compounds and shmirnoff. wasn’t terrible apparently.

    highly rec pour yourself a beer (cocktail) and enjoying this google talk:

    – Jesse

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